SG Homemade - Berry Quick Porridge (Hainanese Chicken Rice), 12m+


Rushing for time to prepare your children's meals? Travelling overseas? Cook this healthy porridge in just 15 minutes! Good for about 3-4 servings. 

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Cook this healthy porridge in just 15 minutes!

  1. Preheat thermal flask with boiling water
  2. Add 1 part Berry Quick Porridge to 4 parts boiling water
  3. Swirl flask and leave to stand for 15 minutes


  • 1 pack gives 2-3 toddler servings (equivalent to 3 Chinese rice bowls of porridge)
  • If hot water is used instead of boiling water, a minimum of 30 minutes cooking time is required
  • Porridge can also be cooked over the stove and can be ready to eat when it has been brought to boil
  • For younger babies, mash to suitable texture

Ingredient Listing:

  1. Short grain rice (Thailand)
  2. Riceberry (Thailand)
  3. Japanese Cucumber
  4. Tomato
  5. Ultimate Soup Base Powder
    (Chicken, Scallop, Spring Onion, Parsley, Ginger, Garlic)
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